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krpano - is a small, versatile and high-performance viewer for interactive 3D panoramas on the web. It is based on the cross platform Adobe Flash Player, the world's most popular software platform for interactive software.

The krpano Flash Panorama Viewer offers many unique possibilities - an adjustable "fisheye" lens effect for a more realistic representation at greater field of view, the support of very large panoramas (several giga-pixel), script controlled virtual tours and it is upgradable (develop your own plugins).

See for yourself by viewing the examples on this site
or try out the demo version - download here.


  • Based on Flash
    Only the Adobe Flash Player plugin is needed (Version 9.0.28 or higher).
  • Fast and high quality rendering
    Fast enough for all resolutions from a small window up to full screen mode.
    The quality of the rendering can be adapted to the requirements.
  • Many panorama formats
    Supports all the cube panorama formats in common use as well as equirectangular / spherical panoramas!
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  • "Piecewise" loading
    Large panorama images can be divided up into small tiles which will be loaded piece by piece. This makes it possible to navigate in the panorama during the load process (pieces display as they are loaded). Only the tiles which are necessary for the current view will be loaded.
  • Rendering of up to several giga-pixel large panoramas
    Additionally to the "Piecewise" loading the panorama image can be "multi-resolution". Only the tiles of the "current" resolution will be loaded. So it will be possible to render gigantic panoramas without loading the whole panorama.
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  • "Fisheye" lens effect
    At wider field of view (approx. at 130°) the rendering begins to distort unnaturally. With the "fish-eye lens" distortion the rendering looks much more natural. The effect is fine adjustable.
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  • Lensflare and blinding effects
    Freely adjustable lensflare and blindings effects can easily be added to the pano for a amaizing realistic lens effect.
  • Hotspots / virtual tours / scripting
    Hotspots are areas for handling various actions. Actions can be defined for mouse-hovering or mouse-clicking. E.g. links to further panoramas or even standard HTML links can be defined.
  • Customizable
    There are many settings available to customize the viewer to personal preference.
    Navigation by mouse / mouse wheel and / or keyboard.
  • Extendable / external interfaces / javascript
    External flash applications as well as pictures and music can be integrated (e.g. a logo in a corner). In addition there is an "AS3 interface" (Action Script 3) for expansion using your custom developed plugins. With this interface the properties of the panorama can be viewed and/or can be changed. A Javascript control is also possible.
  • Simple usage / integration into websites
    No programming knowledge is necessary. The viewer can be used locally, as well as online. All settings are either contained in a small XML file, or handled directly by "HTTP-Get" or "Flash" parameters.

Why Flash

  • High distribution
    Only the Adobe Flash Player must be installed. No additional player needs to be installed on the client's computer. Because so many well known pages require the flash player, most computers already have the Flash Player installed. In fact Flash has reached an accessibility of almost 99% (look here).
  • Multi-platform
    Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Easy and quick installation
    If a user has not installed the flash player has an old version the installation / update process is both simple and fast!
  • Quick start up
    On an average PC the startup process of the Flash plugin is very quick (normally under one second). Java-Applets (for example) unfortunately often need much longer to start up ! belongs to
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